B’Tselem בצלם

بعدی‎7:02‎B’Tselem Director in European Parliament: Europe must move from words to actionB’Tselem בצלם‏۸۹۳‏ بازدید‎1:22‎Israeli settlers attack farmers, damage chicken coops & kill chickensB’Tselem בצלם‏۳٫۷ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:28‎Three days of destruction in East Jerusalem Municipality demolishes three structuresB’Tselem בצלם‏۲٫۲ هزار‏ بازدید‎0:44‎Israel demolishes home under construction intended to house a family of six, east of SusiyaB’Tselem בצלם‏۱٫۳ هزار‏ بازدید‎0:58‎Israel destroys Palestinian farmland in Gaza again, allegedly for securityB’Tselem בצלם‏۱٫۴ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:38‎Israel demolishes the entire community of Khirbet HumsahB’Tselem בצלם‏۳٫۲ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:37‎Israel demolishes the entire community of Khirbet HumsahB’Tselem בצלם‏۱۴ هزار‏ بازدید‎2:28‎Firing Zone 918 – An Exercise in War CrimesB’Tselem בצלם‏۸٫۵ هزار‏ بازدید‎3:20‎Israeli demolition leaves two more families homeless.B’Tselem בצלם‏۴٫۱ هزار‏ بازدید‎2:03‎Save the Ras a-Tin Elementary School!B’Tselem בצלם‏۹٫۸ هزار‏ بازدید‎0:42‎15/10/20 – Israeli settlers cut down 300 olive trees in the village of al-Jab’ah, Hebron.B’Tselem בצלם‏۹۸ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:55‎Israel demolishes homes of six families in Masafer Yatta, 30 Sep. 2020B’Tselem בצלם‏۶٫۲ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:18‎Israeli teens stone Palestinian home in Hebron and harass female ownerB’Tselem בצלם‏۷ هزار‏ بازدید‎0:36‎6.9.20 – Huwarah: Israeli settlers vandalize cars in building parking lotB’Tselem בצלם‏۹۷۴‏ بازدید‎1:13‎Israeli military continues to escort settlers invading Khirbet Susiya to harass residentsB’Tselem בצלם‏۹٫۶ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:37‎Israeli soldiers guard settler entering Khirbet a-Tuba allegedly looking for stolen sheepB’Tselem בצלם‏۱٫۷ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:17‎A home, a building story and five businesses – two days of self-demolition in East JerusalemB’Tselem בצלם‏۱ هزار‏ بازدید‎2:10‎Israel demolishes Palestinian homes and confiscates essential equipmentB’Tselem בצלם‏۲٫۱ هزار‏ بازدید‎2:05‎Four East Jerusalem families had to demolish their own homesB’Tselem בצלם‏۵٫۹ هزار‏ بازدید‎1:07‎Burin, Nablus District: Settlers torched trees and threw stones at house under construction. Soldiers fired tear gas and «rubber» bullets and obstructed impeded effortsB’Tselem בצלם‏۸٫۶ هزار‏ بازدید

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